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Scheduled Training



7 - Extinguishers - Norton Branch FD

14 - PPE - Norton Branch FD

14 - Pump Ops - Cherryville FD 

21 - Safety - Norton Branch FD

21 - Building Construction - Cherryville FD 

23-24 - State Fire Rescue Training Area 10 will be conducting a Firefighter Survival and Rescue Course on these dates open to any and all firefighters. This is a once in a lifetime course because we will be using a structure to conduct the class. The structure happens to be a church that is getting ready to be torn down. So if you are in need of a survival and rescue class or you think you want to test your survival skills this class is for you.  There is no cost for the course. You will need to bring full PPE along with SCBA and extra bottle. We will be doing some air management training in this also.  If you wish to participate in this training, you should meet at the Summit FD at 9:00 a.m. both mornings.  The training will be held at the old Nazarene Church building on Rt. 716 in Summit.

28 - Ventilation - Norton Branch FD



2 - PPE - Blaine FD

2 - Fire Protection Systems - Greenup FD 

8 - First Aid - Hitchins FD

11 - Forcible Entry - Catlettsburg FD

15 - Driver's Training (Classroom) - Hitchins

22 - Hazmat Awareness 

23 - Water Supply - Blaine FD

29 - Hazmat Operations - Blaine FD 



7 - Ropes & Ladders - Blaine FD

7 - First Aid - Greenup FD 

21 - Foam/Fire Streams - Blaine FD

21 - Extinguishers - Greenup FD 



4 - Safety/Fire Behavior - Blaine FD

4 - Fire Behavior/Fire Control - Greenup FD

18 - Salvage/Overhaul - Blaine FD 




Classes begin at 6:30 pm unless otherwise indicated
Please check this page for training updates. Training is open to anyone at any department where training is being held.